SKY H1 and Mika Oki
Live Show

SKY H1 & Mika Oki present a live audio-visual work to celebrate the release of the debut album of SKY H1.

Mika Oki is a visual artist, musician and DJ and SKY H1 is a music artist, both are based in Brussels.
In their respective forms, each artist circles the intricate emotive surfaces of contemporary life in all of its mediated intensity. On the occasion of SKY H1’s debut album they’ve collaborated on a work that takes the content of the album and deciphers its poetics into an alluring live performance.

Mika Oki’s visual installation, Parhélion, will be taken onto stage and becomes a subtle scenography of light, smoke and shadows where it will meet the visual inspiration behind the new album of SKY H1.

Mika Oki

Created during a residency at AB, Brussels, October 2021.

Caixaforum, Barcelona, November 2021
Volksbühne, Berlin, March 2022
NTS x Bottega Veneta, London, April 2022
Rewire Festival, Den Haag, April 2022
Gallery 1986, Vilnius, May 2022
Le Bon Air festival, Marseille, June 2022
Ment festival, Ljubljana, June 2022
Pulse, Venice, June 2022
Aether Festival, Bern, July 2022
Nextones, Oira, July 2022
Dekmantel, Amsterdam, August 2022
Opera festival, Milo, August 2022
Aarhus Festival, Aarhus, August 2022
Meakusma, Eupen, September 2022
Lunchmeat, Prague, September 2022
Rotondes, Luxemburg, October 2022
Trekanten, Oslo, October 2022
Inkonst, Malmö, October 2022
Positive Education, Saint-Etienne, November 2022
Mutek Mexico, Mexico City, November 2022